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painting by Helen Klempner, NY

"It is the hardworking farmer who ought to have the first share of the crops." TIMOTHY 2.6.7

Illocos Sur, Metro Manila, Muntinlupa, Philippines

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"Pinoy Pride Lives On," Filipinas Magazine by Alan Geoghegan with editorial assistance by Noel Alon

Sugar Farmer, Illocos Sur

Crisologo St. Vigan

Water Buffalo (Caribao) , Illocos Sur

Vigan Street Fiesta

Caribao by Sugar Farm

Vigan Ancestral Door

Children, Quezon City

Model, woodwork store, Vigan

Spanish Relic, near Vigan

Crisologo Street, Vigan

Vigan Calesa

Children, Vigan

Fish Boy, Quezon City

Smiling Girl, Quezon City

Selling fish, Quezon City

3 sisters, Labrador Pangasinan

Girl, Manila Bay

Cecille, 1996 Quezon City

Marissa swimming, Vigan

Marissa in the ocean near Vigan

Marissa and "gand"a friend

Mindanao Dreaming

"Eden's River" CD template

a "Ganda" (pretty lady)

TINIKLING with The Filipino-American Community of Western North Carolina (FAC-WNC)

South Carolina Filipino-American Association on Live with Lucas WIS (NBC) TV Dec. 2005

"Who is the Filipino?"

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Preserving Culture:The T''boli of Mindanao


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