wedding bells


Cecille and I were married on a spontaneous Friday the 22nd of February 2002, in Columbia, SC.

Since we needed to be officially married soon for purposes of Cecille's fiancee visa paperwork, we decided to do it quickly in a simple ceremony. Attendees included Merlyn and Lou, our good Filipino friends; a notary republic, Branda Posey; and Mike Hawkins, a photographer friend. (Thanks Mike!)

The mini-ceremony took place at 4:00 pm at the Vietnam Memorial Park, near downtown Columbia. It lasted about 15 minutes and we exchanged vows and rings.

When I kissed Cecille, she offered me her cheek and I said "That's no the way you do it!", then we did the real kiss....

Afterwards, we went out with Merlyn and Lou for a fantastic meal at a restaurant called Hampton Vineyard, thanks to the generosity of my mother Anne-Marie and her husband Roger who were our hosts "in absentia." We do intend to have an official wedding ceremony possibly in a year.

Enjoy the photos. Love,

Alan and Cecille


 Some very nice Polariods taken by Mike Hawkins

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