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"The Light is on"Angela Curry - A Sukyo Mahikari Personal Experience

Thank you Su God! I am sincerely grateful for all the wonderful arrangements and protection I have been allowed each and every day. Friday, September 3, 2010 was my 10 year anniversary as a member of Sukyo Mahikari. I remember back to the time when I first became a member. Whenever I would raise my hand to give light, I would ask myself, “Is it on?”. Recently, I’ve wondered, “Is my Light still on?”  I have been blessed to feel the effects of the Divine Light in my experience, but have never “seen” the Light. 

On the night of my 10th anniversary, I attended a skate-a-thon event at a local skating rink and one of the photographers insisted on taking my picture. Initially, I declined. But, eventually I agreed to having my picture taken. Later, I contacted the photographer for additional prints. He asked me to take a picture of the picture and send it to him. I took two pics with the flash and one without. To my amazement, the one pic without the flash captures Divine Light emanating from my Omitama. (see pic) Needless to say, I was floored. Talk about receiving an answer to a question. I can confidently say that my light is still on and I am so humbled by the arrangements to allow me to “see” the Divine Light. 

I have spent time in prayer contemplating the meaning of this for me and my life going forward. I have made a conscience effort to be even more diligent in the handling of my omitama and raising my hand to give Light. Someone was able to capture a wonderful picture of Divine Light emanating from Suza during the 50th Anniversary ceremony week (pic. below). While I was unable to participate in the Ceremony, I am deeply grateful to know that me and everyone with Omitama are blessed to carry to Light of Suza with us everyday. 

I’ve recommitted my self to be a true practitioner of divine principles and remain enthusiastic and cheerful at all times. This is a new beginning for me. I pray to be allowed to be of greater service in the future.

October, 2010
Representative of all members of the Atlanta Jun Dojo, 

Angela Curry



Angela Curry (r) & photos of Suza(r)

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'Thirty six Views of Mount Fuji' by Katsushika Hokusai, Japan 1760-1849.

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