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Photo Gallery of EarthVision Film & Video Festival, Santa Cruz, CA
~dedicated to the memory of Katherine Knight~

EarthVision International Environmental Film Festival highlights films
about crucial ecological issues, and provides a venue for independent
filmmakers from around the world, inspiring people to get involved in
creating positive change for the planet.



1999 EarthVision
(Santa Cruz Film Festival)



Katherine Knight - Earth Vision Festival Co-Organizer


The students of Merit Academy demonstrated the making ice cream with their hydrogen-powered fuel cell, an inspiring presentation
The public look on as Ian Thierman studies the program

Tim Anderson, Oarsman Naturalist and Alan Geoghegan
The crowd at Zachary's eating organic lasagna and non-organic wine

Alan Geoghegan accepts his 2nd. Prize award for "Global Warming", a unique look at the problem from an Asian perspective videotaped in the Philippines in collaboration with NOVA Productions & the UN Environment Programme, Manila.
Amon Giebel, Greenpeace's Video Producer, accepts his 1st place award for the excellently produced, "Drum Beat for Mother Earth", on POP's effect threatening the natural environment and the future of indigenous people.

Ian Thiermann, Director of the Video Project, won many well deserved awards.
Various guests

Katherine Knight, Alan Geoghegan and Janice Dahl, who received an honorable mention for
"The Lost Jewels of the Coast, Los Cerritos Wetlands."

EarthVision film festival, Santa Cruz, CA