Club of Rome annual conference 2005

The Club of Rome Annual Conference: Norfolk, Virginia

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USCOR 30th anniversary cake
D.Meadows, J.McDonald, A.Thorhaug, D.Raphael

COR dignitaries at Friday's dinner hosted by Old Dominion Univ.VA

Anitra and speaker at US meeting

Dennis Meadows

Andrew Oerke, Michael Mesorovic, Anitra Thorhaug

Anitra Thorhaug addressing US meeting

Friday dinner, head table

Anitra Thorhaug watching video

Friday dinner

Friday dinner with Ugott Reafuh, former Dutch Prime Minister

Anitra, Pecci's son

Anitra, Speaker, Meadows

US/COR meeting

Dennis Meadows

Anitra & Andrew Thorhaug, Stan Cohen

Alan Geoghegan, Anitra Thorhaug


Alan Geoghegan, Pecci