Pedro the Parrot & Cecille's New Car - April, 2004

Happy Easter to everybody near and far! Last Saturday, Cecille bought a 1997 automatic white Toyota Tercel
with CD and air con. These images were taken with a SONY digital camcorder and exported into Photoshop6.

we need a cultural identity here...

Alan, i'm ready to go, where is the gas pedal?

Cecille goes to work herself for the second time....

We didn't have a license plate, so I put this one.



my name is Ganda, your name Pedro...

Ming Ming waiting for dinner and it's not captain crunch cereal.

family meeting and discussion.

Cecille and Pedro get aquainted.

I have a new home for free, so there!

Pedro exits cage alone and explores Asian European surroundings.

What about that dinner Alan, Parrot Souflee?

Ming Ming attacks other cats you know.

maybe i'll get a hug next week...

Cecille and Ming Ming. (Ming: "I wish I was a human")

words Cecille teaches Pedro: my name is Pedro, Loco Loco, Kumusta, Talaga.

words Alan teaches Pedro: Shush-Marioseph, a San Miguel please, you are ganda, you are pangit, Pedro is poge, you are mabaho.

Easter Day, the annual Columbia Fil-Am Easter Egghunt & Spring Picnic was held at the Sesquicentennial Park in Columbia, SC. Here is Alan exhibiting his talents in sports: Image 1 (before) and Image 2 after("Aruy") the potato-sack race. Photo courtesy of Noel Alon.

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